Permanent Make-up

Lip Permanent Make-up

Perfect for those who seek to reshape or redefine and enhance their lips, cosmetic lip tattoos have many benefits suited for clients with different needs. For those who have fading lips, pale lip naturally or have lost pigmentation through injuries, medical problems, or sun damage, color can be restored. For those with unevenly shaped or thin lips, the lip line can be redefined and therefore the lips can be reshaped and looks fuller.

Lip Tattoo Benefits

• It will never stain your teeth
• The procedure can give you a fuller lip and restore the youthful look
• It can wear all day and does not wear off

Lip Tattooing Techniques/ Services:

Lip Liner Tattoo

This technique resembles the makeup application of a lip liner pencil, where definition is added only to the perimeters of the lips. This is ideal for clients who only need an outline in order to reshape or to define the lips, who already have saturated lips.

Lip Blend Tattoo

This technique results in a beautifully natural finish; the lip line is blurred onto the existing lip color, creating a gradient finish.

Full Lips Tattoo

This technique is ideal for clients who lack color in their lips, or those who are fans of colorful lips. In this procedure, an overall color is added onto the entirety of the lips.