Permanent Make-up

Eyeliner Permanent Make-up

An intricate process with beautiful results, eyeliner tattoo can benefit unevenly shaped, small, or pale eyes by shaping, defining, lifting, and enhancing the eye. Different styles are used on different eye shapes to ensure optimal suitability to each unique client.

Eyeliner Tattoo Benefits

• Eyeliner tattooing is so delicate that you cannot achieve by hand drawn eyeliner
• Never smear and smudge
• Good for those with sensitive eyes and allergic to make-up products
• Life saver for those with unsteady hands

Eyeliner Tattooing Techniques/ Services:

Lashline Enhancement Tattoo

Mostly used for subtle enhancements, the lashline enhancement technique uses pigments inserted to the base of the upper lash and lower lash to give an illusion of thicker, fuller lashes, and therefore naturally defines the eyes without the appearance of a harsh line.

Natural Effect Tattoo

This technique enhances definition in the eyes by applying a thin line of pigment along the lashline. Regardless of the client’s eye shape or size, this technique is universal and suits most eyes.

Winged Eyeliner Tattoo (Thin line or thick dramatic line)

This technique almost resembles an eye lift and immediately creates lift in the entire face, and is recommended for those who seek a more expressive look, or wear makeup daily. This is achieved by elongating the eyes using an upward flick that extend past the outer corner.