Permanent Make-up

Eyebrows Permanent Make-up

Eyebrow cosmetic tattooing technique is very popular for enhancing light/ thin eyebrow, adjust the asymmetrically brows and camouflage any scarred brows. The client will receive a full consultation and agree on the type of technique, colour of pigment and suitable shape before carry out the procedure.

Eyebrow Tattoo Benefits

• No more smudged eyebrow
• Minor adjustment can give an instant lift for sagging eye
• Accentuate your facial features
• The result is long lasting and easy to maintain

Eyebrow Tattooing Techniques/ Services:

Feathering- Hair Stroke Simulation – 3D Brows

In today’s society, one of the most popular eyebrow tattooing techniques is 3D eyebrow tattoo. To achieve a natural yet defined look, individual hair strokes are tattooed imitating natural brow hairs. However, this technique is not recommended for those with aged or sun-damaged skin, or clients looking for a more permanent tattoo.

Powder Fill Finish

Another commonly used technique is the Powder Fill Finish. Like its name suggests, this technique imitates the look of brows made up with brow powder, giving a more solid, defined appearance. The Powder Fill Finish technique is recommended for those looking for a long-lasting option, and those who seek to add depth and/or adjust the shape of their eyebrows.

Combination of Powder-fill and Hair Stroke Technique

With the combination technique, the client gets the best of both worlds. Both the subtle depth and altered eyebrow shape offered by the Powder Fill Finish and the realistic hair strokes from the Feathering 3D Brow is achieved through this technique, which will be carried out in a minimal of 2 sessions. The first session is the Powder Fill Finish portion of the look – the client will leave with a semi opaque eyebrow with a soft finish and blurred outlines. In the next session (4-6 weeks from first procedure), hair strokes will be tattooed on the eyebrow and a natural yet defined look is achieved.

Gap Filling/ Scar Coverage

For clients with scars or gaps in their eyebrows, eyebrow tattooing is a highly effective way to camouflage the problem area.