Advanced Body Treatments

40kHz Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment & Radio Frequency Body Trimming Treatment

As the 40kHz cavitation technology is using the resonance effect to break the fat cells membrane, it is regarded as “ultrasonic liposuction” by the beauty industry.  This treatment never damage fat cells, it only cracks the fat cells membrane only.  They still keep its activities and self-repairing ability.  The 40kHz cavitation technology always work with the RF technology.  After breaking the fat cell membrane by the 40kHz cavitation treatment, radio frequency thermal energy will be applied to dissolve the collapsed fat and tighten the skin.  It will make the fat tissue well relocated and neat. The fat problem and lumps/bumps would become less noticeable.

Back or Chest Facial

Radiant skin on the back or chest is an absolute necessity for those momentous evenings out. Our back or chest facial involves a deep pore cleansing by microdermabrasion and a Guinot Hydradermie Double Ionization for skin rejuvenation.

Radio Frequency Hand Treatment

The radiofrequency energy is emitted in the form of electromagnetic waves. These eventually trigger the production of new collagen. It helps keep hands plump and youthful looking.